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  • Apply for an online assessment session: Simply fill out a short 5-minute online questionnaire and provide me with a brief overview of your business and goals. 
  • Book your online assessment session: If I feel that my consulting work can help you achieve your goals, I will send you a link where you can book a free online session. If I don't think I can help you achieve your goals - you'll receive an email with my feedback. 
  • Join the online assessment session (30 minutes): During the call, I'll tailor my expertise to your specific needs and outline the precise ways I can support your business in achieving phenomenal growth within the Chinese tourism market. At the end of the session, You will have clarity on how I can support your business to develop your success action plan with this lucrative market to increase your turnover massively to your goals in no time. We then both can decide if we move forward in working together.
  • Create your action plan: If you decide to take advantage of my support we will work on your custom action plan so that you can start your success story as soon as possible.


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How YOU CAN get into the 26 Billion € Market that is the spending power of Chinese Consumers in Europe in 2024 and that will increase,

even more,  in the upcoming years! 

HI. I am Rossella Your China Market Expert:

Presented by Rossella Pfundt CEO of Tourists from China & Host of the Podcast Crack the China Code

As a business strategist and consultant with over 16 years of experience specifically in the Chinese market, there’s nobody better suited to help you get their attention and their business. 

My passion for connecting Chinese tourists with European business owners stems from my unique background – I grew up in Germany, but my mother is from Italy, and so between visiting family members and vacationing, traveling around Europe has been a part of my life ever since I was a baby.  In 1999, I traveled to China for the first time and fell in love with both the culture and the people. I found myself so excited and energized by the possibilities that the Chinese consumer market opens up for many European businesses. 

I started my career path in China in 2007 when I studied at the Fudan Management School in Shanghai China. In the past 15 years, I’ve been able to work as a China Expert with the European Union, and many German institutions and European businesses. I am so proud that I have helped a lot of businesses and associations in Europe to build up their success strategies for the Chinese market. 

My superpower is to map out with you a simple yet strategic customized plan for this market. I am super dedicated to giving you the full guidance and support you need, ensuring you can put it into action step by step with confidence

I am aware that numerous high-quality medium-sized companies in Europe are overwhelmed and hesitant to be active in this market, often missing out on the high financial opportunities it offers for European businesses. I would like to give these businesses the support and guidance to empower them to unlock this market.

Working with me will feel like finally lifting a significant turnover block for your business, as you get your personalized plan of action to unlock the immense potential of this thriving market as soon as possible.


I would love to support you in unlocking this lucrative target segment for your business in Europe by helping you create your plan of action in 2024.

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