Episode 17: Discover the latest secret insights about the comeback of Chinese luxury tourists to Europe in 2023

In this episode, I will uncover for you an owner or manager of a high-quality tourism-related business in Europe all the key insights – if Chinese consumers are the right target segment for your high-quality business in Europe to focus on in 2023.

No matter whether you are a luxury hotel, high-quality department store, luxury retailer, jewelry store, or another premium tourism-related business, you are interested to focus on the right target segment to increase your business revenues in 2023 to offset exploding energy costs and the decreasing spending power of your customers.

You will uncover the latest key information about the willingness of Chinese consumers to spend money on luxury products and about their interest in traveling to Europe. Plus, you will receive the following prime knowledge:

- All relevant insights & facts about the Chinese New Year Travel Period 2023 additionally the latest research about Chinese tourists and what that means for your high-quality business in Europe.

- The top business categories that can benefit from the spending power of Chinese luxury consumers in Europe in 2023

- The ultimate two-step kickstart formula that will help your business to start to attract Chinese luxury consumers in Europe in no time.

The Chinese tourism market in Europe – is available for high-quality- tourism-related businesses like yours and it deserves your attention. This market is huge right now and it will grow even more in the future. If you implement these recommendations you can tap into this profitable market.


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