Episode 27: The Secret Behind The Top Event For European Luxury Tourism-related Businesses to Kickstart Success With Chinese Tourists

In this episode, Antoaneta Becker from the China-Britain Business Council  (CBBC) joins me to dive into essential insights for owners or managers of high-quality tourism-related businesses in Europe, aiming to thrive with the return of Chinese luxury travelers in Europe in 2024 and beyond.

Is there a seasoned organization assisting European luxury tourism-related - businesses in tapping into the Chinese luxury visitor market? Antoaneta will provide detailed information throughout this episodeto address this crucial question. Additionally, expect to gain invaluable knowledge such as:

  • Unveiling essential facts about CBBC and the support it can extend to your business
  • Exploring the event scheduled for October 2024, offering insights and meeting Chinese business partners to kickstart your success story in the Chinese tourist market.
  • Discovering the unique two-step formula of "Be Ready for Chinese Consumer Conferences," designed to equip you adequately and maximize outcomes from conferences with the topic of Chinese consumers.

And get much more insights for your high-quality business in Europe.

The Chinese tourism market in Europe represents a goldmine of untapped potential for your high-quality tourism-related business in Europe.  Its current significance merely scratches the surface, holding the promise of substantial future growth. By embracing the insightful recommendations shared in this episode, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to unlock vast opportunities within this highly profitable market.


RESOURCES mentioned in this episode::


You can find more information about CBBC – China Britain Business Council  Click here-


You can find out more information about the event China Consumer 2024 –  taking place on the 14th of October 2024 in London– Click here


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