Episode 4: The right timing is the key for success

In this episode: I’m going to share with you how promoting your business at the right time is essential to tap into the Chinese tourist market as a European business owner. I will talk with you about the "right timing" to grab the attention of Chinese consumers:

Key insights you will learn in this episode:

  • Why do you need to adjust your timing to promote to Chinese consumers.
  • The major travel seasons of Chinese consumers you should be mindful of when adjusting your marketing plan.
  • The specific industries that profit the most from Chinese consumers.
  • Practical tips for promoting your business to Chinese customers at the right time

I hope this episode inspired you to focus on your business strategy to start promoting this huge market The lucrative Chinese consumer market can be firmly in your grasp in no time if you make the right moves.

So listen in, and start implementing what you’ll learn today!

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