Episode 6: Master the way to be found

In this episode, I am sharing with you all the insights you need to know about how do Chinese people search for information regarding their next holidays or shopping trips.

I’m revealing the ultimate tool that you should be in to be found by Chinese consumers living in Europe.

The key insights you will learn in this episode:

- Get to know exactly how Chinese consumers are researching their holiday destinations, shopping tours, and short trips.

- Get relevant insights about the most popular tool in China that you must use to attract the attention of Chinese customers.

- Two tips to attach your business to the search process of Chinese consumers.

Remember, the spending power of Chinese consumers in Europe for 2022 is 12.1 billion. By applying what you learn in this episode, you’ll be one step closer to tapping into that market.

RESSOURCES mentioned in this episode:

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(2) FREE Executive Manual: Click here to get instant access to my newly released Executive Manual: The Top Reasons Why the Most Lucrative Spenders Don't Buy From You in 2022 and How You Can Fix It.

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