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Learn how to become visible to high

spending Chinese tourists in 4 steps!

2018/10/29 23:00:00
Why are Chinese Tourists such an
interesting target group?

The Chinese

tourist outbound

market will

quickly grow


The Chinese

tourist outbound

market is still

in an infant stage

China is the

largest market

for outbound



Chinese tourists

are the so called

top spenders

Do you want to tap into the

315 billion $ market ?

that is how much Chinese tourists  spend when travelling overseas

You know you have to get into this market but you do not know how to start and you do not want to spend a fortune to hire a high class consultant to support you.


So you feel stuck and you have no clue how to enter this market and you ask yourself questions like:

  • How can I make Chinese tourists interested in my business?
  • How can I reach out for Chinese tourists?
  • How can I overcome the language barrier?
  • How can I build up a strong relationship with Chinese tourists?
  • What is the efficient marketing to reach out for Chinese tourists?
  • Which social media channels should I use to attract Chinese tourists?

Does this sound familiar for you?

You are a very motivated and smart business owner with a great offering for Chinese tourists but you have no clue how to reach this new target group.

Have you ever wanted a clear step by step framework to build up your strategy to attract Chinese tourists to your business?


Are you looking for guidance that helps you to overcome any confusion or overwhelming?

Chinese Tourists Attraction Framework – Online Course

The only 4 week-online course that helps you to create your personalized visibility strategy based on a proven success framework

What is included in this course:

  • A proven structured step by step framework that helps you to develop your visibility strategy
  • The online learning platform, which includes four top online learning video units which offers the essential insights how to build up your strategy and corresponding working sheets to take actions to work on the personalized strategy
  • Participation in the private Facebook Group which, offers the possibility to interact with like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs
  • Weekly Facebook Live units that explain video units and working sheets
  • Weekly Office Hours that allows Q&As related to upcoming questions about learning units or how to take action
2018/10/29 23:00:00

What do our clients say?

Stephanie Jahn from Gourmet Clique Events and VIP experience planners says:

“The Chinese market would have been locked for my business without Margot
and Rossella’s help. The Chinese Tourists Attraction Framework helped me to
create a tailor-made strategy to address this lucrative market. The coaching
and support were great.”

Kostadinka Tuorova  a luxury tour operator says:

“Rossella and Margot’s input in a 1-to-1 coaching session was amazing. I have
got a much better idea of how to enter this interesting market.”

For whom is this online course for:

Our online course is designed to motivated European-based hotel owners and managers, tour operators, luxury retailers, high-end local product retailers, restaurants owners and managers, and other tourism-related businesses. Our structured online course supports you if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • I want to start attracting Chinese tourists to my business
  • I am ready to increase my revenue by attracting Chinese tourists
  • I would like to become a ‘must-seen highlight’ for Chinese tourists
  • I want to find the right target group of Chinese tourists for my business
2018/10/29 23:00:00

Your course instructors:

We are China experts who believe that Europe has a lot to offer to Chinese travelers. There is a great variety of European culture and tradition, beautiful landscapes and amazing historical sites. European tourism-related companies in the field of luxury products and services allow new shopping experience and adventures. Our special focus is on the support of small and medium-sized European companies. We want to enable them to participate in this new and rapidly growing Chinese outbound tourism market. 

Our ‘Chinese Tourists Attraction Framework’ has been developed out of our 30 years knowledge in helping medium-sized and multinational companies to successfully enter the Chinese market. From this vast experience we created a 5-stage framework that allows European businesses to develop a tailor-made strategy to successfully attract high-spending Chinese tourists. 

Our mission is to help European businesses and retail businesses to unlock the potential of Chinese outbound tourist market!  

How does the Chinese Tourists Attraction Framework work?

Online Course Plattform

At the beginning of the online course we will send you your personal login data for the online course platform. On this online course platform you will get weekly access to each new learning unit during the online course of four weeks.

You can watch the video lessons of the online course platform at any time.

Working sheet

To implement the teaching of the unit you will find for every unit a corresponding working sheet. This working sheet will help you to take action and to build up your strategy.

Private Facebook group

At the beginning of the online course we will send you also the link to the private Face Book (FB) group which will give you access to the CTAF (‘Chinese Tourists Attraction Framework’) Community. We use the FB CTAF as platform to support you and to give you further information and to connect you with other like-minded entrepreneurs. In this community all the participants of the online course are included.

We will have weekly office hours in the FB group to answer all your questions regarding the video lessons and your Chinese tourist attraction strategy.

Masterclasses (Online Training)

You will also have access to live-master classes which will give you deep insights about Chinese tourists

The Chinese Tourists Attraction Framework – Online course

Helps you to build up your Chinese tourist visibility strategy

with a proven framework!

Course Overview:

Unit 1: How to get started

Understand your market potential and your target group Corresponding working sheet and resources

Unit 2: How to make your business visible to Chinese tourists

Get more insights about efficient marketing tools, learn which tool is most suitable Corresponding working sheet and resources

Unit 3: How to become visible on Chinese social media

Choose the right social media tools; learn how apply them Corresponding working sheet and resources

Unit 4: How to become visible on Chinese search engines

Understand search engines favored by Chinese tourists, Corresponding working sheet and resources

2018/10/29 23:00:00

Frequently asked questions:

How much does the online course cost?

The online course costs just 500€!

When do I have to pay for the online course?

The online course has to be paid upfront.

When does the online course start?

The online course will start in January 2020.

How long does the online course last?

The online course lasts four weeks.

What will happen after the payment?

You will get an email with the invoice. When the online course starts you will get the access data for the online course platform and the private FB group.

How much time per week do I have to invest into the online course?

We recommend you to take the time to watch the course videos and to do the corresponding working sheets.

How can I get the best results out of the online course?

By watching the video lessons and taking action by doing the working sheets. Also make use of the possibility to ask for help if you get stuck by asking questions in the weekly office hours!

How long does it take to see results?

That depends on your engagement and how much action you are willing to take.

We support you!

We would be very pleased to support you to unlock the potential of Chinese tourists for your business!


We think that every company in Europe can be successful in attracting Chinese tourists! Our passion is to give you the right insights that allow you to develop your personalized visibility strategy for Chinese tourists!


Now, you have the chance to do the first step to start your success story with Chinese tourists by enrolling in our online course.


We hope to see you soon online!


On your business success


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