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In 2017, 120 million Chinese Tourists traveled overseas
and spent nearly $300 billion USD.

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By 2025, these numbers are expected to grow to 220 million traveling overseas
with a combined purchasing power of $422 billion USD.

Chinese tourists are the world’s top spenders and their numbers
are projected to continue increasing year over year.

We offer

our “Chinese Tourists Attraction Framework”

a 5-step 1-on-1 coaching program - and other

products that will show you how to attract Chinese Tourists to your business.

In working with us you will:
  • Gain valuable insights into Chinese tourists’ motives and preferences
  • Establish a strategy that attracts high-spending Chinese tourists to your business
  • Make your business highly visible to Chinese tourists
  • Start exploiting the vast potential represented by Chinese tourists

The Chinese tourist market presents an enormous opportunity for growth.

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Every company can successfully do
business with Chinese tourists.

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With the right strategy, we believe that anyone is capable
of achieving success in the Chinese outbound tourism market.


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We help European Touristic and Retail businesses
to unlock the potential of Chinese Tourists!

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We are committed to helping you develop a tailor
- made strategy to attract Chinese tourists to your business!
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Margot Schüller

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Rossella Pfundt

Europe has some of the most famous companies, high-level brands, luxury hotels, and experienced tour operators in the world. Europe also holds a fascinating background to the Chinese with its wide range of different cultures, historic cities, and romantic allure. European businesses across the continent stand to benefit from the incredible potential of the Chinese tourism market and we are delighted to share our expertise with you.

We look forward to helping you achieve success!

Margot & Rossella