Episode 13: Crack the code to sell to Chinese luxury shoppers online

In this episode, I will reveal to you how you as a European business owner can crack the code to reach and to sell Chinese luxury shoppers online so that you can unlock the financially most attractive market in the world.

You realize as European luxury brands department store a retailer that the Chinese outbound tourism market did unfortunately so far not bounce back from the COVID crisis. Right now, Chinese consumers are buying more luxury goods in China and not in Europe as it was before the pandemic crisis. Therefore it is necessary to see how you can adapt your sales strategy to this situation.

Key insights you will learn in this episode:

- All the relevant facts & figures & insights about the Chinese e-commerce market for European businesses

- The top demanded product categories that Chinese consumers like

- The 3-step formula on how to attract Chinese luxury consumers online to step into this lucrative market

The Chinese e-commerce market– is available for tourism-related businesses like you and it deserves your attention. This market is huge right now and it will grow even more in the future. Implement these recommendations, and tap into this profitable märket.


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