Episode 15: Chinese Tourists Back To Europe 2023 Secrets Revealed for European Tourism-Related Businesses

In this episode, I will break down for you what you as a European tourism-related business owner can expect from the Chinese outbound tourism market in 2023.

You realize since mid-2022 there are a lot of news about the Covid policy in China and of course, this also has an impact on the Chinese outbound tourism market. -For many European businesses, it is unclear what to expect from the Chinese tourism market in the upcoming months.

It is important for your business

-To get clarity if you can benefit from the spending power of the new wave of Chinese tourists in Europe.

-To get certainty when Chinese tourists will be back in Europe.

You will uncover all the answers to these questions in this episode plus you will receive the following key insights:

- All the relevant facts & figures & insights about the development of the Chinese outbound travel market from July 2022 until December 2022 – and what to expect in 2023.

- The top business categories that can benefit from the spending power of Chinese visitors in Europe.

- The 2-step success visibility strategy that will help your business to get the attention of Chinese outbound tourists and Chinese consumers in Europe

The Chinese tourism market in Europe – is available for tourism-related businesses like yours and it deserves your attention. This market is huge right now and it will grow even more in the future. Implement these recommendations, and tap into this profitable market.


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