Importance of Tourists from China for Europe – A Look at the City of Cologne

We want to know how important Chinese travellers have become for the European tourism and retail industries, taking the city of Cologne as a case in point. Cologne, one of the major German cities, belongs to the top 5 preferred destinations of Chinese tourists visiting the country.

So we approached the person responsible for promoting international tourism in Cologne. In our interview with Mr Gregor Gosciniak, the Head of Marketing at Köln (Cologne) Tourism GmbH, we learned just how relevant Chinese tourists already are for local industries there.

There are three major insights we would like to share with you:

  • The importance of Chinese tourists has increased significantly in Cologne of late: Between 2015 and 2017 the number of Chinese visitors increased by an enormous 31.5 per cent. Thus, Chinese travellers have created lots of business opportunities for the tourism and retail industries of Cologne.
  • The potential of Chinese tourists is expected to grow further in the foreseeable future: Mr Gosciniak predicts that the number of Chinese tourists will increase massively in the next five years. Therefore, Chinese travellers will become one of the leading tourists groups in the city’s tourism market and bring about new business opportunities for local industries.
  • Cologne offers local companies various possibilities to promote their businesses to Chinese tourists. You should inquire about any similar activities and opportunities in your own city to help promote your business.

You can download the complete interview with Mr Gosciniak below, as well as his contact details in case of any further questions. 

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The city of Cologne is a good example of how important Chinese tourists are becoming for the European travel and retail industries. To receive more information about this dynamic outbound tourist market, we recommend that you download our e-book entitled: 5 Must Know Things about Chinese Tourists. You will learn from it more about this growing market and how you can best tap into its potential. 

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We are interested in your own relevant opinions and experiences, and would love to be in touch with you. We would be keen to know: 

  • Has the importance of Chinese tourists for your own business also increased over the last two years or so?
  • Are you already cooperating with local tourism marketing agencies to promote your business dealings with Chinese tourists?

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Wishing you all the best,

Rossella and Margot

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