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Episode 13: Crack the code to sell to Chinese luxury shoppers online

In this episode, I will reveal to you how you as a European business owner can crack the code to reach and to sell Chinese luxury shoppers online so that you can unlock the financially most attractive market in the world.You realize as European luxury brands department store a retailer that the Chinese outbound tourism market did unfortunately so far not bounce back from the COVID crisis. Right now, Chinese consumers are buying more luxury goods in China and not in Europe as it was before the pandemic crisis. Therefore it is necessary to see how you can adapt your
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Episode 12: Breaking down the success secret of the industry leader’s

In this episode,  I am uncovering for you whether or not the top tourism-related industries in Europe are targeting Chinese consumers right now?Uncover the secret success formula from the industry leaders in Europe on how to attract Chinese consumers to learn from the bestStay tuned. in this episode, I will deliver you all the relevant insights ready to implement into your marketing strategyKey insights you will learn:- Uncover the facts & figures – to understand the importance of Chinese consumers for European industry leaders in the retail area.- What are the elements of the success formula of the industry leaders
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Episode 11: Cracking the segmentation criteria  to maximize sales

In this episode, I am revealing with you whether Chinese female consumer or their male counterpart, who is more relevant for your business in Europe. Uncover the relevant insights in this episode that will help you to set the best focus to maximize your sales potential. You might assume this information cannot be so crucial for your business. But, you will be surprised to realize how important this key fact is for the success of your strategy. Key insights you will learn:-  Which segment is more relevant – for your business in Europe? – Get the relevant facts and figures about the Chinese female and
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