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Episode 7: The Secrets of the Power Channel

 In this episode, I’m revealing insights about the most popular channel through which Chinese consumers living in Europe find their next holiday destinations. I’m sharing this ultimate tool you should not miss out in your marketing to get them talking about your business. This channel is more powerful than any other social media network. Key insights you will learn in this episode: -Get to know why this ultimate social media channel that Chinese consumers use to search for holiday destinations is so powerful for your business. -Uncover the key features of this tool that you must use to get noticed by them. -Receive two insider
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Episode 6: Master the way to be found

In this episode, I am sharing with you all the insights you need to know about how do Chinese people search for information regarding their next holidays or shopping trips. I’m revealing the ultimate tool that you should be in to be found by Chinese consumers living in Europe. The key insights you will learn in this episode: - Get to know exactly how Chinese consumers are researching their holiday destinations, shopping tours, and short trips. - Get relevant insights about the most popular tool in China that you must use to attract the attention of Chinese customers. - Two tips to attach your business
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Episode 5: Cracking the Visibility Issue

In this episode, I’m uncovering for you why your business is invisible to Chinese consumers and how you can fix that. I will talk with you about the right social media channels to grab the attention of Chinese consumers. Key insights you will learn in this episode: - Why your business is invisible to Chinese consumers. -  Discover the best social media tools that will unlock this target segment for you. -  Get to know two insider tips on how you can quickly make your business more visible to Chinese consumers. I hope this episode inspired you to work on your visibility  The lucrative Chinese consumer
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